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We hope to provide tools as an aid in your daily devotion. We hope that you will read or keep reading the bible no matter if you choose to try our app or not. That is the most important thing you can do. If our app can help you with that, then we are glad. Here are a few of the things you get. But our goal is to keep developing features and we are already working on that.



Scripture, observe, application and prayer. We have a template for all you s.o.a.p: ers out there.



Blank templates without any extra add-ons. Clean design and ready to be used. Create them as you like.



It's Sunday evening and you just decided to start your new life. This week is gonna be different, this week you will do that epic bible reading routine you always dreamt about. Monday works well, Tuesday you forgot it? Don't worry, we will remind you. - This tools is coming soon.



All notes and questions are created with kanban boards. This means you can easily drag and drop them as you like. Create them on the go and organize them later as it makes sense to you.



So you finally got an answer to that question you have been thinking about for such a long time? Forgot what it was a week later? We store them for you.



You can easily organize the question within different categories. Store unanswered questions that you are looking for an answer to and mark them as finished when you are "done" with them.


The app is free to download and available at googleplay and appstore. Get it now!

dwellr is free to download on appstoredwellr is free to download on appstore


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  • Appstore (coming soon)

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