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Have you ever thought: "This is good, I need to remember this" or have you been listening to teaching or a sermon and thought "This was an awesome answer to my question, this is what I will answer when someone asks me this"? Have you, as well as me, forgot that a week later? Don't worry, welcome to Dwellr. We help you keep track on that from now on

Dwellr app - Tool For Daily Bible Reading


Scripture, observe, application and prayer. We have a template for all you s.o.a.p: ers out there.


Blank templates without any extra add-ons. Clean design and ready to be used. Create them as you like.


It's Sunday evening and you just decided to start your new life. This week is gonna be different, this week you will do that epic bible reading routine you always dreamt about. Monday works well, Tuesday you forgot it? Don't worry, we will remind you. - This tools is coming soon.

dwellr app - features: S.o.a.p, blank, kanban, questions


All notes and questions are created with kanban boards. This means you can easily drag and drop them as you like. Create them on the go and organize them later as it makes sense to you.


So you finally got an answer to that question you have been thinking about for such a long time? Forgot what it was a week later? We store them for you.


You can easily organize the question within different categories. Store unanswered questions that you are looking for an answer to and mark them as finished when you are "done" with them.

Dwellr bible app

Dwellr bible app

A tool for daily bible study and devotion.

Dwellr app is a bibe note-taking tool created as an aid for daily devotion. We believe in the importance of a daily bible reading habit and that's why we created Dwellr. We hope to continue to develop tools within the Dwellr and create new ways to study the gospel. Download our app on Google play now. Dwellr for Ios will be coming soon as well.

Bible notes

Keep track of your bible reading with our note tool. It is built with kanban for easy organization. Read more about the tool here.

Bible questions

Have you ever heard a great answer to a difficult question only to forget it a week later? No more! Store your questions and the answer in our app. Read more here.

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